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Ocean Connectors focuses on the exchange of knowledge to inspire long-term environmental stewardship. Keep the exchange going! Students can submit notes using the Ocean Connectors Message Board.
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Planting native grasses benefits the hydrology of an area, preventing storm water runoff, erosion, and watershed pollution. Click here to learn more conservation tips and suggestions!
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Eco Tours for All Ages
We provide custom coastal tour options for groups of all ages! We have packages for Families, Volunteers, Executives, and Educators. Best of all, Eco Tours help fund our education programs for low-income youth. Call 805-218-9180 to inquire about taking an Eco Tour today!

The Ocean Foundation Tweets

All hands are on deck as we venture out into the debate regarding the future of our nation’s offshore oil reserves. http://t.co/VJlVhRqr54
- Friday May 22 - 6:35pm

Update: Oil spill off #SantaBarbara coast now covers 9 miles. Officials say up to 105k gallons may have been released http://t.co/3FgkSQJdCx
- Thursday May 21 - 1:58pm

21,000 gallons of oil now on 4 miles of California's coast. We cannot allow this to happen. http://t.co/vMXFqKgw62 http://t.co/1F7wNYgFK0
- Wednesday May 20 - 5:16pm

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