National School District Providing Real-World Science

By Dr. Cindy Vasquez, Ocean Connectors Advisory Board Member

Ocean Connectors and Director Frances Kinney have been an integral part of the National School District (NSD) for nearly ten years. I first learned about Ocean Connectors when I became Principal at Kimball Elementary School in 2007. At that time, Ocean Connectors worked with NOAA scientists from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center…

An Ocean of Possibilities: NEW Shark Program

Photo © Doug Perrine

By Catherine Courtier, Ocean Connectors Shark Intern

The ocean is a vast and foreboding place, but also a place of complex and unexpected beauty. When I chose to pursue my Masters of Advanced Studies in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, I knew I wanted to be involved in something bigger than a lab space. I wanted to put my time and effort into research and…

Be a Roadrunner: Run with Ocean Connectors

Run with Ocean Connectors on Dec. 11!
It’s time to lace-up for a good cause! On December 11, 2016 Ocean Connectors will be one of 21 local nonprofit causes participating in the Everywon San Diego half marathon and 5K community race. We need YOU (and your friends and family) to join our team!

The Everywon philosophy is “community improvement through movement”, and Ocean Connectors is…

A Year in The Life: OC Advisory Board

By Zach Birmingham, Ocean Connectors Advisory Board Member

Inspired from a presentation during LEAD San Diego’s 2015 Impact Program by Ocean Connectors founder Frances Kinney, I sought to introduce myself, and see what help I could lend. In the whirlwind that followed I worked with colleagues in the program to write a strategic plan for the organization, and ultimately accepted an invitation…

Funder Spotlight: July 2016

Ocean Connectors will be periodically featuring our funders and donors in our blog, to let the community know how much we appreciate their generous support! These incredible organizations are making a direct contribution to our mission to educate, inspire, and connect underserved youth with the ocean.

California Coastal Commission

Funding for this Ocean Connectors grant is made possible by…

Saying Farewell to Ad 2

Each year Ad 2 San Diego selects a local nonprofit organization to receive a pro-bono advertising and marketing campaign, and this year Ocean Connectors was the lucky recipient of this incredible award! Ad 2 members consist of a network of advertising and marketing professionals 32 years or younger who are looking to gain experience in the field and expand their knowledge by working with a loca…

Meet Richard, Youth Leader

By Richard Kha, Ocean Connectors Youth Leader

Ready? Set. Grow!

As I lie on the rubbles of concrete on the Otay riverbed at 8:30am, my anticipation to meet these kids makes my head spin. I’m here with the Ocean Connectors team, and we begin to set up the site with the help of the National Wildlife Refuge team and a SeaWorld specialist. As the bus arrives, Frances – the executiv…

Team Adams, Making a Difference

Ocean Connectors is proud to announce our new partnership with A Sure Sale with Team Adams! Professional Realtors Linda and Robby Adams first became acquainted with Ocean Connectors when they met Founder and Director Frances Kinney during an Ocean Connectors visit to San Francisco, Mexico. They immediately bonded over their shared love for the planet, and passion for exploring the coasta…

Meet Anna, Youth Leader

By Anna Mar, Ocean Connectors Youth Leader

San Diego: America’s finest city. This Southern Californian jewel boasts beautiful beaches, great year-round weather, amazing food, and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle! I came to San Diego with a dream to change the world, and the determination to make it happen. Long story short, I earned my degree in Biology, learned about Ocean Connectors on a flight,…

Celebrate World Water Day!

March 22nd is World Water Day!!!
Today is a day to celebrate water! Water covers more than 70%
of the Earth and yet only 2.5% of this is in available freshwater. Water is essential for life. It supports our health, waters our crops, cools us off, and provides us with fun activities, yet much of the world struggles to find clean, safe, drinkable water.

Water creates jobs and supports…