Volunteers Provide Helping Hands

Being a part of something bigger than yourself can really put life in perspective. While Ocean Connectors has experienced significant growth in recent years, we are still a small organization and require many helping hands to advance our mission to educate, inspire, and connect underserved youth in Pacific coastal communities through the study of migratory marine life.

Mike-microscopes Volunteers Provide Helping HandsOver the years, we have made connections with numerous incredible individuals who have their hearts set on making a difference in the community. As our organization has grown, we have been able to devote more and more time to finding volunteers and helping them connect with our work in a meaningful way. Each volunteer contributes their own special skills, ranging from education, technology, and artwork, to advisory board service, habitat restoration, and office administration. Each individual is unique, and it is always exciting to help volunteers find and express their passions in a way that benefits the Ocean Connectors programs.

For many of our volunteers, their passion is environmental education. They change lives by teaching our students about the amazing diversity of birds in San Diego, microscopic organisms, plant life, whales, sharks—they share their knowledge and get children excited about conservation. Other volunteers have expert clerical skills that are irreplaceable in an office setting. Some of our volunteers have talents in the arts: drawing, photography, painting, and graphic design—it’s truly incredible what they have created for our educational programs! All of these skills and passions come together to alleviate staff time and strengthen our work, and we are so grateful for each and every one of our amazing volunteers and the difference they are making.

Volunteer-planting-L Volunteers Provide Helping HandsVolunteering is a rewarding and fulfilling personal experience, and sometimes it can generate connections that lead to environmental careers or new professional pathways. Ocean Connectors is always looking for new volunteers to join our team and lend a hand for ocean conservation. Volunteers can donate their time to teaching our students, serving on the Ocean Connectors advisory board, educating the public at outreach events, creating educational materials, designing new curricula, assisting on Eco Tours, and more.

Even though the world is large, and at times the environmental issues we are facing may seem insurmountable, you can make a difference by donating your time to an organization in need. If you have time to spare, please join our team as a volunteer and help Ocean Connectors make waves in the community – email to inquire about current volunteer opportunities.

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