Photo Credits


Anna Mar

Anna started working with Ocean Connectors in 2015 and her natural talent for capturing the moment through photography has truly blossomed during her time with us. Anna is responsible for all the images on the Photos page of our website. She photographs all our field trips and provides our audience with memorable pictures to help them remember their Ocean Connectors experience forever.

Dale Frost

Dale is a photojournalist for the Unified Port of San Diego, our first program funder. She captured the magic of the original Ocean Connectors field trips at the NOAA green sea turtle research site on the shores of Chula Vista in 2008. Dale’s photos on our website feature “Bobby”, a San Diego green sea turtle that weighed over 300 pounds.

Emma Parker

Emma has been volunteering with Ocean Connectors since she was in high school, attending field trips, preparing materials, and assisting with evaluations. Along the way she captured the pelican and gull photos shown on our website. Emma is also a talented artist, and she donates a portion of the sales of her paintings to Ocean Connectors. View her incredible work at Paintings By Lou.

Frances Kinney

Frances, the Ocean Connectors Founder and Director, is responsible for the dolphin and youth photos on the website, taken during field trips. The professional photo of Frances on the Team page was taken by Rick Phillips.

Ralph Pace

Ralph is a freelance conservation photographer in San Diego. He holds a Master’s degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography and his photographs have been used by National Geographic, Science, and Sport Diver magazine. He captures unbelievable underwater photos, including the green sea turtle on our eco tour page. Ralph’s work is featured throughout our site, and you can see more at Ralph Pace Photography.

Ron LeValley

Ron is a biologist who has been practicing photography for 45 years. He operated Mad River Biologists, a consulting firm in Humboldt County for over 25 years. Ron is best known for the identification and distribution of birds along the Pacific Coast, and he is a founding member of the Mendocino Coast Photographer Guild and Gallery, where his work is on display. Ron provided all the black brant photos on our website. See more of his beautiful work at Photography by Ron LeValley.

Dr. Steven Swartz

Steven has been studying gray whales in Baja California Sur for 40 years. He is the Co-­Director of the Laguna San Ignacio Ecosystem Science Program, an organization dedicated to investigating the ecological status of San Ignacio Lagoon and its living marine resources. Steven and his research team monitor the gray whales that visit the lagoon, and encourage social awareness, education and community participation for the conservation of the lagoon. Steven’s Program contributed all the gray whale photos on our website.

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